The Journal of the Black Catholic Theological Symposium
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Why I Left the Church, Why I Came Back, and Why I Just Might Leave Again: Memories of Growing Up African American and Catholic        
by Jean K. Douglas

The prodigal soul of a poor inner-city girl drifts in search of a church that 'fits'.

A Mississippi Girl Remembers        
by Mildred Price Smith

A citizen of America's "Greatest Generation"
transcends the decades to paint a portrait of
life before the internet, shopping malls,
fast food restaurants, and the family car.

St. Hubert of the Forest Astor, FL Birth of a Mission Against All Odds        
by Kimberly Flint-Hamilton

A bit of old Florida pioneer spirit mixed with unwavering faith and commitment to memorialize a loved one guided the founders of St. Hubert's to pursue their dream of establishing a Catholic community in Astor, Florida, against all odds.


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